Continuing to provide communication
that has a powerful impact on human emotions and feelings.

Yuki Mitsuhiro, President

It has been more than 100 years since our company was first founded in 1917 to produce signs for movies. During that period, as a pioneer in the field of large-format printing, we have continually expanded the possibilities of visual communication including the development of the first large-format printing press in Japan and the start of a large-format inkjet printing business. In recent years, we have made a number of advances one after another, including adopting a new corporate identity and other in-house innovations, active investment in new equipment, and expanding into the global market. These efforts have produced steady results, and we are now beginning to write a new phase of our history. The goal of our company is to support the visual communication of our customers in order to become a company that creates a breakthrough level of high added value.
Large-scale visuals that completely fill a large space have the ability to produce a powerful impact on the emotions and feelings of the people who see them. We believe in the power of such large-size visual communication unrestrained by printing methods, and are working to make the world happier and more beautiful. Please expect great things from us as we utilize the technical strengths and idea strengths that we have constructed over more than 100 years in order to continually advance our business.



(Management Philosophy)

世界を、楽しく、美しくColor the world happy and beautiful


Company name KING PRINTING Co., Ltd.
President Yuki Mitsuhiro
  • Founded April 1, 1917
  • Established February 9, 1954
Capital 15 million yen
Printing presses and equipment Large-format offset printing press × 2, Wide-format laminator × 2, Special photoengraving equipment (1 set), Large-format CTP platemaking system × 2
Wide-format inkjet printer × 30, other ancillary equipment
Plants: Headquarters Plant, Sakai No. 1 Plant, Sakai Distribution Center, Tokyo Factory
Business areas General printing, large-format printing, general digital printing
Planning, production, installation, sale, and management of digital signage
Planning, production, installation, sale, and management of outdoor ads
Planning, production, and sale of SP tools
All other operations related to the advertising agency business
Member organizations Outdoor Advertising Association (Tokyo, Osaka), Japan Association of Graphic Arts Technology (JAGAT)
Contractors license
  • Governor of Osaka Permit (Gen-30) No. 131643: Steel structure work, scaffolding and civil engineering work, interior finishing work
  • Japan Color Standard print certification JC-S000901-06
    3M™ MCS™ Warranty Qualified manufacturer
    FSC® CoC Certification Certification number (SGSHK-COC-350569) License number (FSC-C170364)


1917 TSUMURA ATELIER was founded.
1954 KING PRINTING CO., LTD. was established.
1974 Recognized as a good-standing company.
Received a commendation award as excellent tax paying company.
1988 Received the silver award in the 2nd DESIGN TOKYO ADVERTISING DESIGNS BY TOKYO ADC.
1989 Completion of the new headquarters building.
1991 Completion of Sakai third factory. (Introduction of the platemaking system)
1999 Introduction of the first wide-format inkjet printer.
2002 Introduction of the first large-format CTP system.
2004 Introduction of the first large-format sheetfed offset printer "ROLAND900XXL" in Japan.
2008 Completion of the headquarters plant.
(The 90th anniversary project)
2009 Introduction of the first large-format sheetfed offset printer "ROLAND900XXL(UV)".
2011 Taiwan branch was established.
2017 The 100th anniversary of foundation.
2019 Taiwan branch moved.
Creative Lab TAIPEI was opened.
2020 Renewed the corporate identity.
Tokyo factory is opened.
2021 Introduction of the first high-speed wide-format inkjet printer "AGFA JETI TAURO H3300 LED" in Japan.
2022 Fukuoka branch / Creative Lab HAKATA is open.


  • Large-format offset printing presses

    No. 1 share in Japan Large-format offset printing

    Equipped with a printing press capable of 2,000 × 1,300 mm sizes (one of the world’s largest), a ROLAND900XXL cutting-edge fully automated printing press, and other advanced equipment, we control the No. 1 share of the large-format offset printing field in Japan. We can also print on items other than paper, such as synthetic paper and PET films. Please feel free to consult with us.

  • Large-format inkjet printers

    One of the top equipment lineups in Japan Large-format inkjet printing

    The maximum output size is 3,200 mm in width. Type of Inks include water-based inks, eco-solvent inks, UV-curable inks, and latex inks. A wide range of options suitable for any display situation, application, and material are available. The total number of inkjet printers owned by KING PRINTING is more than 30. With our high production capability, we are capable of rapid printing even of high-variety products.

  • Calibration equipment

    Promising accurate color reproduction Calibration equipment

    Each site has calibration equipment equipped with fluorescent lights for high color-rendering color evaluations that are used to evaluate printed materials based on their correct colors. The Headquarters Plant is also equipped with verification equipment for backlit signs, making it possible to check products in detail under the same conditions as when they are actually installed.

  • An operator at work

    One-stop service for post-printing processes Processing equipment

    We are equipped with processing equipment that allows us to provide one-stop service for post-printing work such as laminating, banner production, panel production, sewing, and other processes. Please also trust us with sorting and shipping to destinations across Japan.

  • Cutting machine

    Accurate large-size product cutting Cutting machines

    We are equipped with high-precision cutting machines that are among the largest in Japan. With a maximum cutting width of 3,200 mm, and high cutting accuracy, these machines can be used with a wide range of thicknesses and materials. Products can be cut to any shape based on the digital data.

  • Color matching between sites

    Printing with identical colors at any site Color matching between sites

    A color management system has been installed at the Headquarters Plant, Tokyo Factory, and Taiwan Branch, achieving a high level of color matching between different sites. When color calibration is performed at one location, all three locations become able to accurately reproduce the same color when printing.

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