We will provide the optimal solutions based on our extensive record of successful projects.

KING PRINTING has an extensive record of successful projects centering on large-format printing.
We will extensively analyze customer issues and requests,
and propose the optimal solutions from the perspective of both cost and effects.

  1. 01

    Large-format printing at optimal cost,
    regardless of the lot size

    We provide mass production offset printing as well as small quantity, large variety inkjet printing. One of the strengths of KING PRINTING is that we can perform both types of large-format printing at our own plants. We offer an extensive lineup of inks, materials, and other elements, and can give shape to a wide variety of ideas.

  2. 02

    One-stop service
    for post-printing processes

    KING PRINTING offers one-stop service for work such as laminating, banner production, and panel production, as well as sorting and shipping to destinations across Japan, and on-site installation work. We provide smooth support for communication utilizing large-size visuals.

  3. 03

    Global deployment of
    high-quality, large-format printing

    KING PRINTING has also created a branch in Taiwan to serve businesses which are expanding from Japan into the Asia region. All machines are continually color-matched to the Headquarters Plant, allowing global deployment of finely detailed large-format printing with Japan quality.

  4. 04

    Cutting-edge technologies that expand
    the possibilities of large-format printing

    Since we first started our large-format offset printing business in Japan, we have continually utilized the latest technologies to expand the possibilities of visual communication. Our high level of these technologies has been widely recognized in many different fields including the reproduction of cultural properties.


From large-format printing to signs and displays,
we provide a wide range of solutions for visual communication.

KING PRINTING provides a wide range of solutions centered on high-quality, large-format printing
including outdoor ads and sales promotion tools that utilize our advanced technologies,
space-enhancing signs & displays, and digital signage.

  • Large-format printing press

    Large-format printing

    Capable of printing sizes that are among the largest in the world

    We provide offset printing that meets the need for lower mass production costs, as well as inkjet printing for rapid delivery of small-lot, high-variety production. We can meet customer needs with printing sizes that are among the largest in the world, advanced technical strength and knowledge, and cutting-edge equipment. We also offer one-stop service for post-printing work such as laminating and panel production. In addition to large-format printing, please also consult with us regarding other types of printing as well.

  • Outdoor ads

    Outdoor ads

    Everything from media arrangements to management

    Utilizing an overwhelming sense of presence, we provide out-of-home (OOH) ads that capture the attention of consumers. KING PRINTING provides centralized support for all steps from production to media buys and installation, as well as maintenance and management after installation. In addition to posters and billboards, please feel free to contact us regarding 3D ads and wrap-around vehicle ads.

  • Transportation ads inside a station

    Transportation ads

    Turning ideas into high-quality reality

    We produce transportation ads that are focused on quality and designed to draw attention. In addition to posters at bus stops, in stations, and inside trains, we also offer a wide range of plan ideas including tear-off ads and ambient ads.

  • Coffee shop sales promotion tools

    Sales promotions

    Plans that only we are capable of

    In addition to production of tapestries, panels, and other tools, we also create decoration plans from scratch for new shops and shop renovations, aiming to create a more effective sales area together with the customer. You can expect great things from our fine-tuned proposals thanks to the extensive knowledge of large-format printing that only KING PRINTING has.

  • Signs & displays

    Signs & displays

    Taking responsibility for all stages from design to installation

    Our signs not only highlight the interior and exterior of a commercial space, but also deliver extremely high functionality. Our displays change any kind of space into attractive and effective media. KING PRINTING provides integrated solutions utilizing its nationwide network, covering not only printing but also all stages from design to installation.

  • Example of a spatial production

    Spatial productions

    Beautifully enhancing all kinds of spaces

    Our spatial productions enhance all kinds of surfaces including walls, floors, and ceilings, and can produce a new kind of appeal while maximizing the use of the particular space characteristics. Our items are compliant with all laws including fireproofing, flame retardation, and countermeasures to sick house syndrome.

  • Digital signage

    Digital signage

    Making communication interactive

    Digital signage provides video and interactive content using LCDs, projectors, and other equipment. Thanks to our original applications and extensive knowledge, KING PRINTING offers all elements of digital signage, from content production to system construction, as well as installation and maintenance of the necessary equipment.

  • Byodoin

    Reproduction of cultural properties

    A service made possible by technology

    Based on the advanced technologies and experience that we have developed over many years, we are capable of restoring and reproducing works of art and cultural properties. We have received solid evaluations in areas that require extremely high precision, including reproduction of the dais for Buddhist images in the Jodoin Rakando Hall at Byodoin Temple, and reproduction of cels for a prominent animation studio.

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